IQF water chestnuts

IQF water chestnuts

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Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ Slice Thickness 4-6mm
Slice Diam19-38mm

packing: 1x20kg

Advantages︰ Enclose: PRODUCTION FLOW

Advanced production techniques result in quality product ----this is one of the reasons why we could promote the product in international market soon. The production flow of lotus slice is showed as follows:

1. Processing
Blanching firstly: soften the lotus slice so that it could be finished
Finishing program: eliminating the endodermis, gamma and other putrefaction.
Cleaning program: eliminating the scarfskin
Slicing up: lotus is chopped in slice of 0.5 cm or so
Screw blanching: initializing the required temperature and time for blanching (i.e. +98 degree/90s)
Cooling settings: composed by normal cooling groove and ice water cooling groove
IQF settings: the speed and time of freezing controlled by them. The center temperature must be the under -18 degree

2 Packing
Semi-finished product package: products marked with production date, class, name, weight, specification after weighting out and sent to cold storage right now.
Finished product package: after selecting, the semi-finished products detected, then weight out, packing (as per customers` requirements. After those steps, the products could be sent to cold storage.

3. Cold storing:
Semi-finished and finished product must be stored under -18 degree.

4. Sanitation test Requirements for finished products:
a. Fungus: under 10000 /g
b. Coliform bacteria. Under 300/g
c. Colon bacillus, Sramna bacteria, Staphylococcas listeria show female.

Export Markets︰ Canada,USA,

Payment Details︰ L/C

Min Order︰ 40'FCL

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